Frankie Wise

Graphic Art with a conscience.
Our goal for Myth and Legend Studio was to tell great stories that are otherwise not represented in modern media on subjects like lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women as well as sci-fi and fantasy stories with strong female leads. I, as Grand Enchanter of Art and Creative Director, am very much in charge of this part of our partnership. Vivi writes the words, I make the donuts--I mean, drawings. :) It's pretty simple.

About the Artist

Although I've been a professional graphic artist for 15 years, most of my graphic design has been for the U.S. Government. During that time, I produced thousands of images for use in intelligence briefings, peer-reviewed papers, and intelligence reports. My passion has been - for as long as I can remember - comic book style art. I began reading D.C. Comic's Golden Age compendiums from my elementary school library. In fact, I read them so many times the librarian asked me to "take a break so other children could have a turn." I also remember loving Wonder Woman since the original TV show aired (yeah, I'm oooold) and she has remained my favorite character over the years because of her compassion for other people. So I turned to the local public library which had many, many more volumes to peruse. After that, my jam was X-Men for quite awhile - well, until the Age of Apocalypse, and then we broke up. 

So, you ask, what the heck is it I do? Well, keep scrolling to find out!

My Services

Although Myth and Legend Studio is primarily about my wife and my joint work, I also do side jobs in the following categories: comic book, cartoons, vector, character portraits, and promotional materials. Please continue reading for more in-depth explanations of each subject area below:

Comic Book and
Cartoon Art

Our main product line is our web series, Witches. We have two additional comics planned as well as one limited three page-four issue special edition, Liberty in Motion.

Vector Art

Do you have need of a logo for your business cards or website? Vector art is the way to go!

Fan art / character portraits

I got my start drawing character portraits for myself and friends. I have extensive experience drawing fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, heroes, heroines, and monsters in addition to maintaining a healthy appetite for creating fan art for popular series such as Bioware's Dragon Age and Bethesda's Fallout series.

Promotional Materials

I am incredibly well versed in producing promotional art for visual communication. I have extensive experience with posters, advertisements, signs, flyers, political signage, and photo manipulation.

My Portfolio

Here you'll find my most recent work organized into the below listed categories. Click the headings below each image to view what offerings we have available.