Myth and Legend Studio   


Myth and Legend Studio is a partnership between Frances and Vivian Wise geared toward creating webcomics, art, and all things nerdy.

Incomparable Web Comics

Storytelling is our passion and our main goal is to provide interesting prose

Unrivaled Illustrations

Whether it's a black and white line art drawing of an RPG character or a full page, completely color comic, our illustrations are always meticulously drawn.

Graphic Design

We pride ourselves on the most timely, compassionate, yet cutting-edge designs. Myth and Legend Studio strives to meet every customer's needs. If you're not happy, we're not happy.


It's always been incredibly important to both of us to use the most cutting edge technology to create our art. Although Melissa began drawing with pencil and paper, she's been using digital drawing tablets such as the Wacom Intous and, most recently, the Cintiq, to create art. We use a variety of software programs to finish our comics, create graphics - whether it be vectors, posters, or business cards - the Adobe Creative Cloud figures in to the creation of every single piece. 

The image at the top of the page is “Myth and Legend Studio: Melissa and Vivi,” was drawn especially for use on our website by none other than Melissa Wise, our Creative Director. This illustration was planned during the storyboarding phase for this website for this class (CMST495) and is trying to convey to the viewer they are looking at a Wacom pen display tablet while an artist (me) draws two characters. The character on the left is a cartoon of myself and the character on the right is that of my wife, Vivian. I created this original drawing using Smith Micro’s Clip Studio Paint utilizing a Wacom Cintiq pen display and accompanying pen stylus to draw it.    

Wacom Cintiq

Melissa creates every sketch, detail, panel, and graphic using a Wacom Cintiq interactive pen display. She also frequently uses her iPad Pro to sketch and these drawings are then shared via AirPlay or network to her inking program, Clip Studio Paint, where she finishes the art. 

Clip Studio Paint

Melissa uses Smith Micro's Clip Studio Paint, previously known as Manga Studio, to sketch and create the line art layers for our comics. The reason for this is Clip Studio Paint has pre-programed features for drawing comic panels and speech bubbles. 


Melissa primarily uses Adobe Photoshop to color, shade, and letter comics. She also often uses it to create posters and other single page artwork for customers.

(What's that? Oh, right, that's copyrighted...)


  • Vivian "Legend" Wise
    Creative Director and Dreadmistress of Prose
    Vivi is in charge of writing copy and creating scripts for the webcomics. She is also working on a sci-fi novel! (Stay tuned!)
  • Ser Pounce-a-Lot
    Creative Muse and all-around rabble rouser
    Ser Pouce is a professional rabble rouser. His job is to interrupt his moms during work hours. He is often heard saying things like, "There is no computer screen, there is only petting!" and "Need moar treatz now, mommy!" He means well... we think.
  • SamWise Pupgee
    Marketing and Director of Recreational Activities
    Mild mannered, the avatar of love, brilliant, and whip-smart, SamWise is the key to Myth and Legend's success as a brand. He's also a good boy!
  • Frankie "Myth" Wise
    Illustration Director and Grand Enchanter of Art
    Melissa's love and talent for art sketches back to her childhood.